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Dulhan Mehndi Designs

Dulhan Mehndi DesignsWell, this is a reality. Every girl has a dream to become a dulhan(bride). No one can avoid the decree of faith. Most of us believe that couples are made in Heaven above. Wedding is a poise relation which hasnt any alternate. It is also Decree of God. Any one can’t deny its reality. On her special day, she is made Dulhan Mehndi Designs on her hands, arms, elbows and feet.

Dulhan Mehndi Designs are commonly applied on hands and legs by woman in Asia, specially India by girls on special occasions like marriage. Mehndi is a pure eastern fashion element and its use on different festival, but now this trend is moving towards the west and peoples are start using temporary mehndi tattoos.

So, the that is the special day of the life a girl, therefore Dulhan Mehndi Designs should be much special and different from ordinary days as she makes mehndi designs on her hands.

Dulhan Mehndi Designs include geometrical shapes, floral patterns, and intricate designs created out of fine lines and are typically tattooed on the hands or feet, however, any type of design can be created and applied anywhere on the body. On this day, special Dulhan Mehndi Designs are made big spot or dot in the middle of the palm and on the finger tips with zigzag out line with little bit designing.