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Henna Designs For Feet For Eid

Henna Designs For Feet For EidHenna Designs For Feet For Eid are commonly applied on hands and legs by woman in Asia, specially on every Eid—which is one of the biggest festival for the most Asian people like in Pakistan, Bangladesh and India.

Henna Designs For Eid include geometrical shapes, floral patterns, and intricate designs created out of fine lines and are typically tattooed on the hands or feet, however, any type of design can be created and applied anywhere on the body.

It is composed of large floral motifs adorn the hands and feet of single women, while reflecting the skills and expertise of artists.

In India and many Arabic countries,Henna Designs For Feet For Eid are applied as a body tattoo on the palms and forearm as well as the feet on the occasion of wedding and many other auspicious celebrations such as Eid.

Eid Mehndi Designs For Hands are famous since many years, but in recent popular culture, mehndi has enjoyed  are newal, musicians & Hollywood personalities adopted and altered the  tradition.