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Indian Design Mehndi

Indian Design MehndiIndia is the biggest country to follow this fashion from the ancient times. Mehndi is used by women and girls all over the world but in India this trend extends a lot. Mehndi is the word originated from the Hindi language word and it is also used as the Henna. Henna is basically the leaves and these mehndi and Henna is obtain from crushing the leaves of the mehndi leaves. Then make the power form.

The mehndi having the tree but small in size and it is grown in the rural areas of the India. The farmers and other workers who works on the mehndi fields sold these mehndi leaves and then they getting some money for food and every thing else. However the Indian Design Mehndi is very famous but the simple mehndi design of the Arabia is also very popular in the India as well.

Mehndi is usually made for the hands and feet. They applied on hands and feet in various extravagant and beautiful designs. These designs are very famous among the whole world. Now a days there is come the new fashion of Glitter mehndi designs which enhanced the beauty and design of the mehndi. As you know the mehndi is that fashion which is not permanent. Like when you put on the designs of the mehndi on the hands and feet and after some day they erased from the hands and feet and you can again paste the new design on hands and feet.