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Mehndi Design Book

Mehndi Design BookMehndi is the best known fashion of the world. Most of the people come in that fashion and adopted this in very in number. In many countries mehndi is present at in the tradition and these mehndi designs are very famous among the people of the Asia. Asian women are very keen to make the design form the mehndi. For that thing they first pluck the leave of the mehndi plant and then they are crashed these into the mehndi grinding machines and then these leaves turn into the powder form.

After that they are add some water in the mehndi powder and then they mixed the water and powder with a great stir. Then packed these mehndi in the cone shape plastic paper and then some designer makes the designs by slightly pushing these plastic cones. They make the designs of flower shapes and other peacock tails and feather as well.

This fashion became the favorite and best known in the fashion industry. Fashion industry is raised this fashion, people of the Pakistan, India and Arabia applied these designs on the hands and feet on the particular occasions. Brides are also wear the shigh definition or detailed mehndi designs for hands and feet as well. They look very gorgeous by applying these fashion industry.