Arabic Mehndi Designs for Eid 2012

Eid is a name of happiness and celebration.Any occassion can not be complete without mehandi(henna).Mehandi is a very important for ladies and young gilrs  too in Eid.Mehandi makes hands beautiful and colorful.There are so many designs in which Arabic mehandi,Indian mehandi and Glitter mehandi are very common in ladies fashion.

This style tends to be less detailed and intricate. its still very beautiful. Instead of having fill-ins it is just colored in boldly. Arbi designs don’t necessarily cover your hands or feet all the way. Many popular Arbic  designs are vines and leaves with beautiful flowers. This makes it an excellent and perfect candidate, if you want to have a bail going down your arm or leg.

Different sort of designs has been used on different occasions like bridal mehndi designs have been used on marriage ceremonies to decorate brides, party mehndi designs on parties and Mehndi designs for Eid are being draw on Eid Day. Today we are going to present some gorgeous and beautiful Mehndi designs for Eid. These Mehndi Designs 2012-2013 will make your Eid day more beautiful and elegant. Let’s have a quick look on Mehndi designs if you want to draw these mehndi designs for yourself on this Eid day.