Latest Dress Designs For Mehndi Function 2013 For Girls

We are going to talk about the latest and fresh looking long shirts designs 2013 for mehndi functions as the wedding season is almost here and we are trying to get some kind of inspiration for that cause normally if we do not go to designers, we try to design our own dress to look stylish and beautiful according to our won choice and according to the environment and season, but as we know that long and huge unshaped shirts are still in fashion and honestly peaking they do look good and they look stylish if you know how to carry it and how to accessorize it and today we are going to share some simple designs that will not only look good, but trendy too.Latest Dress Designs For Mehndi Function 2013 For Girls

Mehndi dresses 2013 have started taking news turns and twists as now we do use long and unshaped shirts with various bottoms but the thing I love the most about the new trends is they are mixing new and sharp and bright shades this time and they are adding old and ancient gotties and sitaras too which look so cute and so beautiful,? patapati is back in the fashion again and you would see Anarkali long kurtas and angrakha too and those huge and long garaaras with those long shirts look so luxurious and royal.Latest Dress Designs For Mehndi Function 2013 For Girls111

Latest Dress Designs For Mehndi Function 2013 For Girls1 Latest Dress Designs For Mehndi Function 2013 For Girls2As we know that Mehndi function is all about the colors and bright shimmery detailing, and as we are getting those trends back which our grandmas use to enjoy and I bet you would love you sue sharrara and aarha pajamas with long and huge chuna hua dupatas, and the colors are almost the same too, yellow, green, orange and pink are back in treadns too, but I like to see those short shirts with patiala shalwars and aarha pajamas with long sleek looking shirts, so you can use long shirt and you can use short shirts too, you can use airline shirts too and you can try Anarkali angralhas too, normally we use yellow and green for mehndi function, but you can try are yellow, pink, purple, green, white and red as well.

Best of luck.