Beautiful Henna Mehndi Designs 2013 For Brides

Mehndi designs for hands and feet are not only look good, but they are kind of necessary for beautiful? and perfect looking bride and if you want to get a cute looking bride then you can try some simple, but new Mehndi designs for your big day too, not only brides but all girls, women, as well as old ladies try some stylish or simple mehndi for this occasion and it look so beautiful?? can so charming and some girls simply love the fragrance of mehndi even after washing it too and I am one of those, I simple y love the smell of mehndi and I like the dark natural shades too.Beautiful Henna Mehndi Designs 2013 For Brides

One of the most important reasons of applying the mehndi is getting the wedding vibes and make the bride beautiful so you can try simple designs and some difficult ones too, It is considered a sign of happiness, as it is used on every happy occasion and made our occasions and events very special and it look so good if you actually know how to apply that and how to make it thicker and darker then I bet you will love these designs.Beautiful Henna Mehndi Designs 2013 For Brides1

Henna (mehndi) designs 2013 for brides are very attractive, stunning and thrilling, cause if my memory serving me right then there were some simple and thick designs last year which were getting so famous and I don?t like thick and dull looking unattractive designs but this year you will see some simple and delicate designs for bride and girls too and they are according to demand and desire of the brides, and the designs not only make the bride look beautiful? and classy, but at the same time you will see that the designs have beautiful? motives too which you would see in weeding dresses too so they look good.Beautiful Henna Mehndi Designs 2013 For Brides2

Here are some very simple tips that you might need to make your mehndi look darker and brighter and the best thing that you would do is apply some room temperature mixture of lime and sugar and let your mehndi soak it.

When you feel that your mehndi is dry now then brush it off, don?t wash it or use soap or water and you will see the result.

One can apply nilgiri drops, Vicks or even katha to enhance the color and you can use some oil to your mehndi too.

Best of luck girls.