Engagement Mehndi Designs Collection 2013

Engagement Mehndi Designs Collection 2013-1If a family here in Asia announce the engagement ceremony near the weeding then they plain arrange some kind of light party, but if they are doing it months and years they actually celebrate it on the big level and girl get look like a bride and boy look like a groom, they buy expensive dresses and jewelries and other accessories too and it feel like a big function, today we are going to share some mehndi designs for the engagement party that people celebrate on huge level and I would say that these are marvelous design including some simple and some very complicates ones and there are some that look so good with glitter on it and you will get some for your feet and for your arms and back of your hands too.Engagement Mehndi Designs Collection 2013-

It?s not that just the bride can use these design, if you are attending a party of your own sister or a closest friends or family member then you can try these tattoos too, if you are applying that by yourself then it is brilliant cause you can add your own touch in these design too, cause I personally thing that a girl who like to apply and mehndi designs can get motivated with any design can create more with perfect motivation, but if you are hiring mehndi expert then she might come with her own styles and design, but if you like these Engagement Mehndi Designs Collection 2013 then you can ask her to pick the design from this collection as they are new and they are fresh and look so good on your special day, I cannot imagine an Asian bride without mehndi design on her hands till her elbow and on the back side of her hand which will enhance the beauty of her delicate hand and if she is not using long and floor length lehnga then she can try on your feet too, as you see that there are so many mehndi design that you can convert for your feet too.