Mehndi Designs Front Hands 2013

Lates Bridal Mehndi Designs 2013 For Girls1We are sharing some mehndi design for hands and normally girls apply on both side of hands, front and back and they use on the full or half arms and if they are using something that will reveal their feet like churidar, lehnga, sari then they apply some patroness on their feet too that start from their toes and go all the way from toes to the heel and if the girl is bride then they apply the plain coat of mehndi on the heels too to make her feet more beautiful and stylish, and it is a kind of culture and it is a part of our traditions now, old wives use to make henna at home with henna leaves and they use to add so many things to make it colorful and long lasting and as we know that one can apply a mixture of sugar or honey and lime to get the darker shade.Bridal Mehndi Designs Fashion 2013

Application of mehndi are usually occasional in Pakistan & India like girls in these counters use Henna? and makes different and stylish Pakistani mehndi designs & India mehndi designs on wedding day, Eid or other happy occasions and girls use simple mehndi design on their day to day life too as they use simple tikki or some front hand designs and there are so many different type of mehndi are viable in the market including tea leaves mehndi, instant and chemical mehndi, emergency mehndi and natural one too and you can get Orange-brown color, dark brown, red & bluish and some are deep blackish one too and for that you just need to keep mehndi on your hands for longer time of period and they all are easily available in the market and for the mehndi designs for 2013 you can visit our pages and you would get? different types and styles of mehndi with lots of tips and ideas and if you are creative then I am sure you will love these designs.