Easy Mehndi Design For Kids Hands

Easy Mehndi Design For Kids HandsThere are lots of things that our kids get from us, but the most cutest and the most beautiful think that a baby girl demands is a mehndi, I can bet if you have kids at home then they would have been demanding to get some mehndi designs every time they see you applying mehndi and they always run to you with their own small cute hands putting in your hands too to get some simple stokes and honestly you can satisfy them with simplest strokes, you can make a small star in the smallest cuties soft palm and then you can see millions of stars in their eyes too and I can assure you that you would love spending time with your little princesses to see these stars and today we are bringing some small and cute easy to apply patroness for your dolls.Easy Mehndi Design For Kids Hands3

Mehndi is actually a kind of a natural dye made from the leaves and stem of the Henna tree, and if you are going to apply mehndi to you r little ones then you need to make natural mehndi at home without any chemical and without any unhealthy thigh and to make kid safe henna you need to get Henna leaves and crush them well and make a fine smooth powder and then make black tea with water, cinnamon stick tea leaves and mix that Henna with worm and filtered water of black tea and make a smooth past and leave it over night and then in the morning give your baby some yogurt to rub on her hands and then wash it off and then pick any design or you can ask your baby to pick one for her hands and apply the design on her hands, try not to pick any tricky one and try to make it quick and then ask her to stay still and don?t touch her mehndi for a while and then apply a cool mixture of honey and lime on her design.

Be happy and Smile a lot.