Tips To Get Beautiful Shade Of Mehndi

Tips To Get Beautiful Shade Of MehndiWe have shared so many mehndi designs, but nothing can look more beautiful and sexier than a perfect mehndi and a perfect fresh looking dark shade and for that we are here for some simple tips? and you just not only get beautiful? shades but it will keep your skin smooth and beautiful? too.Tips To Get Beautiful Shade Of Mehndi1

First of all when you plan to apply henna on your hand and you are using that cone mehndi that is available in the market ready to use then you need to dip your hands in a mixture of yogurt and some plain water for a minute and then wash your hand with chilled water and that will keep your hands soft and protective from the harsh chemicals that they use to make henna more colorful and bright, now we will share some simple tips that you would love to use after applying the henna to? get bright and beautiful shade.Tips To Get Beautiful Shade Of Mehndi2

First of all you need to buy the most fresh Henna powder possible and then strain from strainer and then mix it with the strong tea decoction, now add few drops of Eucalyptus oil, some pure lime juice and Sugar and then mix it well and now it is ready to apply, you can use a homemade con or you can use one that are available in the market and now you can draw as many beautiful master piece on your hands and now we have some simple tips for you to make your mehndi.

Make a mixture of sugar and lime when you start applying it and it will be cold enough by the time you finish your work and you will be able to touch it, so you just need to take a spoon and spread all of that o your dried mehndi design for next few hours and you will lover the shade of your mehndi.

In the morning you can scrape it off, but if you still can give your mehndi some time it will bring more and fresh color to your mehndi.

You can use plain honey on your mehndi too for sharper shade.