How To Put Mehndi Designs On Hands And Feet

How To Put Mehndi Designs On Hands And FeetApplying mehndi designs on hands and feet is not much hard or difficult work, you just need to proactive and you just need to make your mind that you want to make a mehndi designs and you would get shocked by yourself as you just need to create designs and use imagination and get inspired from your won environment keep adding designs into your motives and that?s it, if you are not very good with creating things on the sport then you just need to take a paper and try to make a patron, you can start with a small flower and then you can add some petals and leaves and then you can add some springs and some rollers and thing will go on and on, when you feel that your design is done then you can apply it on your hand with mehndi and that would be eve fun to make your own mehndi designs.How To Put Mehndi Designs On Hands And Feet1

Today we are going to talk about how to apply mehndi designs on your hands and on your feet and for that you need Henna cone, some mehndi designs, transparent plastic sheet , some tissue paper, Glitter cone and if you are using ready to use mehndi then you need to try it on your inner elbow first to see if you get any kind of side effects or some kind of itching or burning and if you feel that it is safe then you are ready to do that, and now you can use it on your hands and on your arms and foot too, but you need to understand few things, if you have rough or injured skin or you just had your wax done then you should not apply mehndi designs? on your skin cause it can be dangerous for your skin and you might get itchy and rash and it can develop some burning sensation too.How To Put Mehndi Designs On Hands And Feet2

And when you are done with your mehndi designs then let it get dry a bit and then apply a mixture of honey, lime on your mehndi designs and wash it in the morning and you will love the season.