How To Apply Mehndi Make-Up

How To Apply Mehndi Make-UpMehndi and sangheet is a very beautiful and fun occasion for every weeding and normally it is a kind of fun celebration of the wedding and normally families of bride and groom celebrate it together, they dance, singe, eat and enjoy the every bit of that day pride to the wedding and normally bride don?t use cosmetic on the day or at least show that she is not using any.How To Apply Mehndi Make-Up1

Firstly and the foremost the important thing that you need to do for the day is get the best dress and then complete the look with best flower jewelry and some nice matching and traditional shoes like u can use khusa or kolhapure with that as it look so good on the day and now we will give you some simple ides for your make up.How To Apply Mehndi Make-Up2

We are assuming that you are using silver and yellow dress which is very common for the day and we are starting with the foundation, apply some moisturizer and some primer and let it sit on your skin and then apply some lose powder and then you need to start with your eyes, apply primer and then apply the lightest yellow and silver shade on the back of your hand and mix it well there and then take it and rub it over your eyelid and blend it with makeup sponge, you need to give it a look like it is a reflection of your dupata or your dress and it is not a cosmetic and for that you need to blend it well and then you need to use a silicone liner and apply the thinnest liner over your lashes and slightly over your eyelid, like you just defining the eyelid and you need to be very careful cause camera and lights will catch any mistake you make there and use transparent mascara and work on lash curler cause that is the only think that will make you beautiful without got caught.

Finish your look with light pink color lip-gloss and if you are using lipstick then be careful because that is pretty risky.