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Mehndi Designs Images

MEhndi Designs ImagesMehndi Designs Images: God has blessed Asia with many things especially different types of soils and land. Mehndi is the most describable thing that we should want to show here. The current craze for body painting among the urban youth has suddenly revived interest in mehndi. Mehndi Designs Images are commonly applied on hands and legs by woman in Asia, specially India by girls on special ocassions like marriage, festivals etc.

Mehndi is a pure eastern fashion element and its use on different festival, but now this trend is moving towards the west and peoples are start using temporary mehndi tattoos. Girls apply different Mehndi Designs Images on Hands, Palms, Arms etc using mehndi Cones.

Mehndi once a typically Asian custom and an indispensable part of a brides makeup, Mehendi has gone cosmopolitan thanks to the attention it gets through stars like Miley Cyrus, Madonna and Robyn Rihanna Fenty.

Even when these celebrities make tattoos with Mehndi, it makes a high-ranked trend in the world’s largest information provider ‘google’. Mehndi Designs Images decorates the body of girls and women.