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Mehndi Designs Hands

Mehndi Designs HandsMehndi Designs Hands are very popular in the Middle East, North Africa, Southeast Asia and and are getting quite popular in other parts of the world. Mehndi is a traditional festival and is much popular in the Pakistan, India and Arab countries. Ready-made henna blocks, which can be pressed on any part of the body, are also major time savers for those in a hurry. With changing times, types and styles of wedding mehndi has undergone major changes. Without the Mehndi Designs Hands, there is no any wedding is ever complete now the days. Mehndi is very popular in the world.

Some traditions in Asian countries is to hide the grooms name or initials somewhere in the bridal mehndi designs for hands. Henna art centres and parlours are also offering specially developed shades, ranging from bright red to deep brown, for appropriate highlights and outlining of patterns. Henna is a flowering plant used since antiquity to dye skin, hair, fingernails, leather and wool.

Mehndi once a typically Asian custom and an indispensable part of a brides makeup, Mehndi Designs Hands have gone cosmopolitan thanks to the attention it gets through stars. Therefore, it will not be wrong of we say that play an important role in the beauty of young girls and women.